What is the oldest a 15 year old can date?

What was the population of New Zealand in 2011 to 2012

Overall, the New Zealand population increased slightly over the measured years. Additionally, while the figures for those aged under 40 decreased, there was an increase in figures for those aged 40 and over. From 2011 to 2012, the total population in New Zealand rose by 0.6%, from 4,381,269 to 4,410,284 people.

How many different sections are there at Portobello Market

Portobello Road Market draws thousands of tourists each year. The main market day for antiques is Saturday, the only day when all five sections are opened: second-hand goods, clothing and fashion, household essentials, fruit, vegetables and other food, and antiques.

How many people are in the world in 2023


2023 World Population

The World Population in 2023 is 8,045,311,447 (at mid-year, according to U.N. estimates), a 0.88% increase (70,206,291 people) from 2022, when the population was 7,975,105,156, a 0.83% increase (65,810,005 people) from 2021, when the world population was 7,909,295,151.

When was the population 10 million

The world population reached 10 million around 6500 BCE and 100 million around 1500 BCE. The billion milestones are: 1 billion: 1804. 2 billion: 1927.

How long is Portobello prom

2.2 mile

Portobello Promenade is a 2.2 mile (5,000-step) route located near Edinburgh, Scotland. This route has an elevation gain of about 3.3 ft and is rated as easy.

Why is Portobello famous

The west London site is most famous for having one of the world's largest antique, bric-a-brac and vintage clothing markets. It's a location that attracts tourists, locals and celebrities from all walks of life.

How many people are alive right now

8.0 Billion

8.0 Billion (current)

The current world population is 8,049,722,991 as of Sunday, July 23, 2023 according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometer. The term "World Population" refers to the human population (the total number of humans currently living) of the world.

How many people will be in the world in 2200

In the International Journal of Forecasting study's median scenario, the global population is 11.1 billion in 2100, 10.4 billion in 2200 and 7.5 billion in 2300.

What year did we reach 1 billion


The UN estimated that the world population reached one billion for the first time in 1804. It was another 123 years before it reached two billion in 1927, but it took only 33 years to reach three billion in 1960.

What year will the population reach 1 billion

World population milestones

World population milestones in billions (USCB estimates)
Population 1 10
Year 1804 2071
Years elapsed 25

Is Portobello safe to swim

Portobello beach boasts clean and clear waters, making it a great spot for a refreshing dip. For those who are feeling adventurous, you can even take a dip in the nearby rock pools. We recommend that you make sure to check the tide times before you go, as the water can recede quite far at low tide.

What day is Portobello

The Portobello Road Market is open every day of the week, so you can visit just about any time you wish. However, it should be noted that some shops such as the antiques and bric-a-brac stalls are only open on Saturdays. The fruit and veg market is only open Monday to Wednesday.

Why is Portobello so expensive

There's no one reason that portobellos are more expensive, but much of the reason would be because portobellos take longer to grow (twice as long or more) and fewer mushrooms go into a pound than white button mushrooms.

How did Portobello get its name

It comes from the name of a house, called Portobello Hut, which had been built in 1742 by a sailor called George Hamilton. He had been involved in the Battle of Puerto Bello in Panama in 1739, in which six British warships attacked the port, which had been used by the Spanish as a base to harass British shipping.

How many humans live to 100

Takeaways. About one in every 5,000 people in the United States is a centenarian—someone who's 100 or more years old—and about 85 percent of them are women.

How many people have lived to 100

Worldwide incidence by country

Country Latest estimate (year) Earliest estimate (year)
United Kingdom 15,120 (2020) 107 (1911)
United States 97,914 (2021) 2,300 (1950), 53,364 (2010)
Uruguay 519 (2011)
World Estimates 451,000 (2015) 23,000 (1950), 316,600 (2012)

What will the year 2100 be like

Heatwaves will be more frequent and long-lasting, causing droughts, global food shortages, migration, and increased spread of infectious diseases. Moreover, as the polar ice will melt, sea levels will rise substantially, affecting a large number of coastline cities and as many as 275 million of their inhabitants.

How will life be in 2150

By 2150, perfect simulations can be generated in room-sized environments without any requirement for on-person hardware. As virtual reality advances still further, entire worlds are constructed using the smallest quantum units for building blocks. This opens up some profound opportunities in the 23rd century.

Who is the world’s 8 billionth person

Vinice Mabansag

Eight billionth person

United Nations stated that they "can't predict which exact baby will push us into the next billion". Nonetheless, the Philippines' Commission on Population and Development selected Vinice Mabansag, a baby girl born in Manila, as the symbolic eight billionth person on Earth.

When did Earth hit 7 billion

October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011 • The U.N. says today symbolically marks the moment when the world's population reaches 7 billion. A little more than two centuries ago, the global population was 1 billion. How did it grow so big so fast

Is 8 billion people too many

Eight billion people is neither too few, nor too many – it is simply the number of people on the planet. Rather than trying to increase or decrease the number of people, we must build a planet that enables everyone to live their lives freely, sustainably and with dignity.

Is it safe to swim in the ocean

Due to dangerous currents, never swim in the inlets. Do not swim at night or near fishing piers. Children should swim only with adult supervision. Know the various types of ocean currents and how to get out of them.

Where is it safe to swim

Swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans can be safe and fun at a designated swimming area that is protected by lifeguards.

Who named Portobello

George Hamilton

The name Portobello comes from Portobello Hut, which was a hut built by a sailor called George Hamilton in 1742. He named it after a battle he fought in Panama in 1739, the Battle of Puerto Bello.

Why is Portobello so called

It comes from the name of a house, called Portobello Hut, which had been built in 1742 by a sailor called George Hamilton. He had been involved in the Battle of Puerto Bello in Panama in 1739, in which six British warships attacked the port, which had been used by the Spanish as a base to harass British shipping.