What states speak the most English?

What state in the US speaks the most English

West Virginia has the highest rate, with over 97 percent of households speaking English at home. German remains a common third language for many states, with over a million speakers nationwide.

Where is English spoken the most

The United States

The United States and India have the most total English speakers, with 306 million and 265 million, respectively. These are followed by Pakistan (104 million), the United Kingdom (68 million), and Nigeria (60 million). As of 2022, there were about 373 million native speakers of English.

Where is English most spoken in South America

English. English is the third most spoken immigrant language in South America, with about 5.4 million speakers. Most of them live in Argentina (2.8 million) and Colombia (1.9 million), followed by Guyana (680,000).

Is English the official language of Texas

Texas currently does not have an official language; though historically at various points in time there have been laws giving both official status and recognition to English, Spanish, German and Norwegian. In 1834 with Degree No. 270 of Coahuila y Tejas gave both English and Spanish official status in Texas.

Where do most English Americans live

English Americans

Total population
Throughout the entire United States, but especially in the east central U.S., in and around Appalachia, throughout the Southern U.S., upper New England and the Mormon west
California 4,946,554
Texas 3,083,323
Ohio 2,371,236

Which US city speaks the most languages

There are over 800 languages spoken in New York City.

For reference, the most linguistically diverse country in the world is Papua New Guinea, with 820 languages. New York crams almost that many into a single city. Nowhere else comes close. Even London “only” has around 300 different languages.

Which is the largest English country


Country Eligible population Total English speakers
United States 331,002,651 316,107,532
India 1,350,000,000 200,000,000+
Pakistan 220,892,331 108,044,691

Which countries speak the least English

Note: these come in no particular order, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of which countries speak the least English.China.Russia.Colombia.Brazil.Laos.

What are the top 3 languages spoken in South America

Main languages

Language Speakers
Spanish 214,265,000
Portuguese 211,754,600
Quechua 7,735,620
English 6,925,850

What countries speak the least English

To narrow down this list, we first looked at the 13 countries where fewer than 10 percent of the population speaks English, according to The Telegraph. These include China, The Gambia, Malawi, Colombia, Swaziland, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Algeria, Uganda, Yemen, Chile and Tanzania.

What kind of language is Vietnamese


Vietnamese language, official language of Vietnam, spoken in the early 21st century by more than 70 million people. It belongs to the Viet-Muong subbranch of the Vietic branch of the Mon-Khmer family, which is itself a part of the Austroasiatic stock.

Do all states in America speak English

The United States does not have an official language, but some states list English as their official language. Although the most commonly used language is English, people in the U. S. speak or sign more than 350 languages. Some individual states list English as their official language.

What nationality is most in US


White is the most common race in the United States. It usually refers to people from Europe or the Middle East (such as Germany, England, and Syria) Black or African-American refers to people from most parts of Africa. Asian refers to people from countries in Asia (such as China, Japan, South Asia, or the Philippines).

Is English widely spoken in USA

English is by far the most prominent spoken language in the U.S., with over 239 million English-speaking people across the country. In fact, English is commonly mistaken as the official language of the United States, which doesn't actually have an official language on record.

What is the number 1 language in Americas


English. More than 280 million people speak this language in the Americas.

What is the 3 most spoken language in the US


Chinese. With over 1.2 billion speakers, it's no wonder Chinese is the third most spoken language in the United States. 3.5 million households speak Mandarin or Cantonese at home in the U.S. Surprisingly, only in the State of New York, is Chinese the primary language behind English and Spanish.

What are the top 3 English speaking countries

Top 10 English-Speaking Countries in the World (as primary or lingua franca 2021)India — 1,393,409,038.United States — 332,915,073.Pakistan — 225,199,937.Nigeria — 211,400,708.Philippines — 111,046,913.United Kingdom — 68,207,116.Tanzania — 61,498,437.South Africa — 60,041,994.

Which country speaks English fastest

The Netherlands has emerged as the nation with the highest English language proficiency, according to the EF English Proficiency Index, with a score of 72. It is ahead of five other northern European nations at the top of the chart.

Which country is hard to speak English

Before exploring these destinations, you might want to brush up on the local language.China. Only about 10 million out of China's 1.3 billion people speak English.Colombia. Colombia is the most challenging South American country for English speakers.Brazil.Russia.Laos.Turkey.Morocco.Mongolia.

What is the 3rd most popular language in US


With over 1.2 billion speakers, it's no wonder Chinese is the third most spoken language in the United States. 3.5 million households speak Mandarin or Cantonese at home in the U.S. Surprisingly, only in the State of New York, is Chinese the primary language behind English and Spanish.

How many Japanese speak English

How many people speak English in Japan: General Stats. 15 to 37.5 million people in Japan speak some level of English. The Japanese had their first exposure to English during the year 1600. According to a survey of English proficiency in 112 non-English speaking countries and regions, Japan was ranked at 80th place.

Is Vietnam English or French

French also continues to be regarded as a cultural language in Vietnam, with its usage associated with the elite society and links to family tradition and national history, while English and other foreign languages are regarded as commercial vernaculars used with foreigners.

Is Vietnam an easy language

Vietnamese is considered to be a hard language, for English speakers because it has significant linguistic differences. Vietnamese is a tonal language, and although it uses the Latin script there are different characters that don't appear in the English language. But learning Vietnamese doesn't have to be difficult.

Is AZ an English only state

Pursuant to Article XXVIII of the Arizona Constitution, the official language of the State of Arizona is English. Except as otherwise provided by law, translations or communications in a language other than English are unofficial and are not binding on this state.

How common is English in America

English is the most common language spoken in the United States with approximately 239 million speakers. Spanish is spoken by approximately 35 million people.