Which Schengen visa is hardest?

Who has the most rejected Schengen visa

The five countries that issued the highest number of Schengen Visa rejections were:France — 408,876 rejections;Spain — 227,712;Germany — 167,517;Italy — 92,186;Netherlands — 70,566.

Which is the easiest Schengen visa to get


In general, Lithuania is the easiest country to obtain a Schengen Visa from, with officials granting 98.7% of applications. The nation also receives fewer applications than countries such as Germany or France, as they are extremely popular with tourists and business travellers.

Which Schengen visa has the lowest rejection rate

1. Iceland. Iceland received 7,715 requests for visas in 2022; 146 of those requests were turned down. That represents the lowest rejection rate in the Schengen area, at 1.9%.

Which Schengen processing is fastest

When making travel plans to Schengen countries, it is important to consider the processing time for Schengen visas. Fastest Schengen Visa processing time: Less than 72 hours. Slowest Schengen Visa processing time: More than 15 days. Quickest way to get a Schengen Visa: Through Atlys!

Which visa has highest rejection rate

The Schengen visa application process saw high rejection rates in 2022, with Algerian nationals having the highest rate at 45.8%. India and Turkey followed with 18% and 15.2% respectively.

Which country’s visa is the hardest to get

Hardest countries to get a visaNorth Korea.China.Russia.Saudi Arabia.Bhutan.Pakistan.Nigeria.Turkmenistan.

Which country gives Schengen easiest

The easiest European countries to get a Schengen visa from are:Lithuania.Estonia.Finland.Iceland.Luxembourg.Slovakia.Latvia.Czech Republic.

Why is it so hard to get a Schengen visa

Passport Does Not Meet the Requirements

The EU has specific and strict passport rules for those applying for a Schengen visa, as follows: The passport must be valid for six more months beyond the date of their planned trip to the Schengen Area.

Which country gives easy Schengen

Luxemburg is perhaps one of the easiest countries to get a Europe Schengen visa. This is possibly why several apply for Europe visa from Luxembourg. Getting a Europe visa is particularly convenient for travellers who are seeking to visit neighbouring countries such as Belgium, France, and Germany.

Which visa is the fastest to get

F-1 Visa. The F-1 visa is one of the fastest visas to process. In fact, the F-1 visa is often processed immediately before your embassy interview.

Which country has toughest visa

Hardest countries to get a visaNorth Korea.China.Russia.Saudi Arabia.Bhutan.Pakistan.Nigeria.Turkmenistan.

What is the weakest visa

Afghanistan remains entrenched at the bottom of the Henley Passport Index, with a visa-free access score of just 27, followed by Iraq (score of 29), and Syria (score of 30) — the three weakest passports in the world.

What are the top 3 strongest visa in the world

Global Passport Ranking

Country Rank Visa-free score
Singapore 1 192
Germany 2 190
Italy 2 190
Spain 2 190

Is it hard to get Schengen visa

Applying for a Schengen Visa in 2023 is not an easy task, as it has never been. There are lots of documents to be collected, an interview to be attended and even a fee to be paid, which right now is 33 per cent higher than it was before the pandemic.

Which Europe has the easiest immigration

Which countries give easy residency In Europe, countries that give residence permits easily are Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro and Malta.

Which European country has highest visa ratio

Estonia: Estonia has a high visa approval rate of 98.4% and a processing time of up to 15 days, but may take longer in exceptional situations. Schengen Visa Statistics show that from a total of 40,657 applicants, 38,389 were granted an Estonian visa in 2021.

Which is the hardest visa

Hardest Countries to Get a Visa to VisitIran.Turkmenistan.Chad.Bhutan.Saudi Arabia.Western Sahara.Somah2a.North Korea.

Is Spain visa difficult to get

As long as you meet the Spain Tourist Visa For Indians' requirements as well as the entry requirements, you'll receive your visa. The only "difficult" part of the Spain Schengen Visa application is finding out where you need to apply for your visa. As mentioned, not all countries have local Spanish representatives.

Which is easier to get UK visa or Schengen visa

Getting a tourist visa for the UK is currently not half as hard as for Schengen countries. Multiple visa categories make applications and processing times far quicker. “We have had clients who have applied for a standard UK visa and their visas have been processed within 30 days,” says Akash.

Which European country has the lowest immigration rate


Relative to the size of the resident population, Luxembourg recorded the highest rate of immigration in 2021 (almost 40 immigrants per 1 000 people), followed by Malta (35) and Cyprus (27). In contrast, Slovakia registered the lowest rate of immigration, with 1 immigrant per 1 000 people.

Which European country takes the most immigrants

Unsurprisingly, the richest countries attract the most migrants. Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the UK, as well as Scandinavia, have surplus migration. There were over 37.7 million foreigners in EU and EFTA countries in 2015 – 8% of the total population.

Which EU country gives fastest visa

Synopsis Spain. Processing time: Spain's visa processing time is as low as 2-3 days and according to the BLS Website, if you apply through Mumbai, you can get your visa appointment as early as for the next day.Sweden.Finland. Georgia.Armenia.Azerbaijan.

Is Netherlands visa easy to get

When you apply for a Netherlands Visa, it normally takes around 15 calendar days for the Visa to be processed entirely. In case your Visa application needs to be verified then this process may take anywhere between 30-60 days.

Is Germany visa easy to get

If your trip is shorter than 90 days, the process should be fairly simple – providing you follow the steps outlined below and fill in your visa correctly.

Who has the highest immigration rates in Europe

Relative to the size of the resident population, Luxembourg recorded the highest rate of immigration in 2021 (almost 40 immigrants per 1 000 persons), followed by Malta (35 immigrants per 1 000 persons) and Cyprus (27 immigrants per 1 000 persons) — see Figure 2.