Who is the weakest Archon Genshin?

Who is the weakest Archon in Genshin Impact


Venti is, by far, the weakest Archon in Genshin Impact. He rules, or rather, used to rule the nation of wind and freedom, Mondstadt, but the words rule and freedom don't go together, so Mondstandt and its people are now independent of any Archon rule and they get to decide the fate of their own nation.

Is Barbatos the weakest Archon

Venti or Barbatos is likely the weakest among all the seven gods or archons in Teyvat. That's all thanks to Signora snatching up his gnosis, effectively making Venti less than an archon in terms of power.

Who was the strongest Archon Genshin

The Tsaritsa is the strongest Archon out of The Seven Archons in Genshin Impact. She is the head of the Fatui and also a Cryo Archon. She has the ability to grant her subjects a power known as Delusions, which is said to be extremely strong.

Who is the oldest Archons Genshin

Liyue's Morax, the God of Contracts, is the oldest Archon in Genshin Impact, with at least over 2,000 years under his rule.

Is EI or Zhongli stronger

The Geo Archon himself, Zhongli, is the most powerful figure in Genshin Impact's lore.

Who is the smartest Archon


So it goes without saying, that Tsaritsa is the smartest Archon and the most ambitious person in Teyvat.

Who is Pyro Archon


Murata, also known as the God of War and Lady of Fire, was or is the Pyro Archon and the member of The Seven who presides over Natlan.

Who is the youngest Archon

Nahida, also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali, presides over Sumeru as the youngest of all the seven Archons.

Who is shipped with Zhongli

Guizhong x Zhongli – GuiLi

The only popular ship between a playable and an unseen character is between Zhongli and Guizhong. As we all know, Zhongli is a wise consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. However, he is also the retired Morax or Rex Lapis who ruled over Liyue.

Is Zhongli stronger than Ganyu

The heavyweight Event Banner of the year is here. Both are paragons of their respective roles: Zhongli has the strongest Shields in the game and Ganyu has the highest DPS in the game.

What is the smallest Archon

While Nahida may be the youngest (and smallest!) Archon of the bunch, her intellect and mastery over Dendro should be feared.

Who is Hydro Archon

Genshin Impact's Hydro Archon is the God of Justice and presides over the nation of Fontaine. Also known as Focalors, the Archon is known for her strict adherence to the law and her unwavering sense of justice. The current Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact is Focalors.

Who is the real Cryo Archon

The Tsaritsa

The Tsaritsa. The Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya, also known as the Cryo Archon, is the unseen main antagonist of the 2020 action role-playing fantasy video game Genshin Impact.

Who is Xiao crush


Who does Xiao have a crush on 1 Xiao Loves Zhongli This was shown when he protected Liyue from Osial, despite the fact that he believed the Geo Archon to be dead.

Who is Zhongli’s girlfriend


Guili is the het ship between Guizhong and Zhongli from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Who is stronger Zhongli or Tsaritsa

Zhongli it's canon that he's the strongest archon not the Tsaritsa the gnosis's she has collected give her no special powers expect for example, Zhongli's gnosis gave him the power to create mora and that's it all she gets is the ability to create mora.

Can ayaka beat Ganyu

Furthermore, her elemental burst can out damage Ganyu's charged shot; however, she has a high energy cost on her burst. Thus, it becomes very hard to get energy particles and keep her burst up all the time. Interestingly, in terms of damage, Ayaka overshadows Ganyu easily.

Who is Cryo Archon

The Tsaritsa

Then, burn away the old world for me. The Tsaritsa. The Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya, also known as the Cryo Archon, is the unseen main antagonist of the 2020 action role-playing fantasy video game Genshin Impact.

Is the Tsaritsa a girl

"Tsarina" or "tsaritsa" was the title of the female supreme ruler in the following states: Bulgaria: in 913–1018, in 1185–1422 and in 1908–1946. Serbia: in 1346–1371.

Is EI the real Archon

Ei is the name of the current Electro Archon and Makoto's sister. She's erroneously referred to as Baal — that's because the public is ignorant that the previous Electro Archon actually perished centuries ago. Ei rarely actively rules Inazuma.

Who is Venti’s crush

Venti has a Crush on Aether – Genshin Impact Comic Dub.

What is Xiao’s real name


10 Xiao's True Name Is Atalus

His true name is Alatus, but he will likely not admit this to many of the humans around him. Since Alatus is his adepti name, it's safe to assume that Ganyu, Cloud Retainer, Mountain Shaper, and Moon Carver are all aware of his real name.

Who is Zhongli’s dead wife

Guizhong allied herself with Zhongli and tried to defend her people, but she was slain in battle and died amongst the Glaze Lilies in Guili Plains. After this, Zhongli and her people moved south and Liyue Harbor was established.

Who has a crush on Zhongli

Keqing has a crush on Zhongli.

Why is the cryo Archon evil

However, the Tsaritsa's attitude changed after the destruction of the subterranean nation Khaenri'ah at the hands of the Gods. The Cryo Archon's love for her people dwindled until she became a cold-hearted woman solely dedicated to rebelling against the divine and creating a new era of peace through war.